Amsterdam Open Canoepolo Tournament


On June 1st and 2nd 'Michiel de Ruyter' organizes its yearly international canoepolo tournament. On a beautifull location in the outskirts of the Dutch capital city an international tournament with a very high standard and a unique atmosphere will be played. Good public transport with the lively centre of Amsterdam makes this tournament a good opportunity to visit this famous city.

Amsterdam Open 2019: June 1st and 2nd 

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For more information and questions contact Bart van Es (  Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.   ).  

Registrated teams 

Division 1  MAX 16
Michiel de Ruyter 1 Confirmed
Michiel de Ruyter 2 Confirmed
Michiel de Ruyter Legends Confirmed
MKC Duisburg Confirmed
Ieper Confirmed
Melan VääntäjätIeper Confirmed
Mokka Confirmed
Keistad A Confirmed
ACC Hamburg Confirmed
Dragon Confirmed
Rothe Mühle Essen B Confirmed
Alytus-Trakai Confirmed
Sakura Invers Japan Confirmed
Groningen A Confirmed
Odysseus B Confirmed
Vinking Venlo A Awaiting Payment
Odysseus A Awaiting Payment
East End Awaiting Payment
Division 2 MAX 16
Michiel de Ruyter 3 Confirmed
WSV Osnabrück 1 Confirmed
Viking Venlo B Confirmed
Pirat Bergheim Confirmed
KGList Hannover Confirmed
Nederlandse Dames Confirmed
Groningen B Confirmed
Triton Lokeren Confirmed
KC Limmer Hannover Austin TX USA Confirmed
BKS Confirmed
DJK Ruhrwacht Confirmed
Rothe Mühle Essen C Confirmed
GER Damen Confirmed
GER U21 Damen Confirmed
WSF Liblar 2 Confirmed
Windhoek Canoe Club Men Confirmed
Odysseus C Waiting List (1)
Rijnland B Waiting List (2)
UoL A Waiting List (3)
Viking Amsterdam Waiting List (4)
Division 3 MAX 8
Michiel de Ruyter 4 Confirmed
WSV Osnabrück 2 Confirmed
Windhoek Canoe Club Men U21 Confirmed
Rijnland C Confirmed
TUS Warfleth Men Confirmed
TUS Warfleth Youth Confirmed
MKC Duisburg 2 Confirmed
Hydronauten Confirmed
KCL Hannover Union Waiting List (1)
Rothe Mühle Essen U16 Waiting List (2)
Oldenburg YC Waiting List (3)
Saint Omer PFF Awaiting Payment
Viking Venlo D Awaiting Payment
Division 4 MAX 8
Michiel de Ruyter 5 Confirmed
Michiel de Ruyter 6 Confirmed
Batavier Confirmed
KKP U16 Confirmed
CKL (Canoe-Kayak Luxembourg) Confirmed
UKC 2 Confirmed
KVDRV Confirmed
Keistad D Confirmed
Turnhout Jeugd Waiting List (1)
KGList Hannover Jugend Waiting List (2)
UoL B Waiting List (3)
Ladies division MAX 8
PPG Singapore Confirmed
MKSF Ladies Confirmed
Tchikita Team Confirmed
Danish E Confirmed
La djadja team Confirmed
KG Wanderfalke Confirmed
DJK Ruhrwacht Confirmed
WSF Liblar Confirmed
MKC Duisburg Waiting List (1)
World Mix Waiting List (2)
Hunterudel Waiting List (3)

Last team update: 14/3

Last payment update: 14/3